Louis Vuitton Catogram

Hi guys! Long time no blog again. This is always happening when work is getting tough and I’m stressing out and eventually… I have to shop! So I was first looking at Louis Vuitton my world tour collection. You can customise your stickers (they called them stickers but they are prints really) on the bag and even add your name on the sticker tag. I love the idea of that. Who else in the world would make a bag for you with your name on it unless you are a grade A celebrity? But before I spend lots of money on bags or fashion accessories, I always think about resale value. Even though I have never sold any of my bags yet, I wouldn’t mind knowing I could sell them if I ever needed to and I could create a little heirloom for my children. They could enjoy them, they could use them and think of me or they could sell them. So I was hesitate a little with my world tour. If I get one I would like my name on it but… if it has my name on it… it might not resale very well.

Just while I was browsing and showed my friend the bag that I wanted, we spotted this speedy b with the cats on it! That then reminded me the whole reason I didn’t get my world tour when it was first launched. It because I have seen and heard about Louis Vuitton collaboration with Grace Coddington!

Grace Coddington is pretty much another Anna Wintour. A British vogue editor who made it all the way to the top. She was a model and was behind all the editorial photo shoots that I grew up with. She’s a fashion influencer as well as an artist. I love all her sketches of her cats. And guess what! Her sketches of cats are now on Louis Vuitton bags!! This is totally crazy and I love crazy. I love when the artists use Louis Vuitton monogram as a blank canvas and draw their arts all over it. It makes so much different from Louis Vuitton’s illustration lines.

The collection is called Catogram and it was pre-launched in NYC pop up store. In the UK, it was pre-launched at Selfridges and New-bond street store last Friday (26 October). I had a meeting in London on Monday and I thought I would pop in to see them in real life. I only had 45 minutes so I had to run. Once I got there, it was too adorable to be true. All the decorations, the displays, the speedy, the neverfull, all the small goodies. I knew I had to get something from this collection. May be a couple… may be three… may be four…

So I first came home with these two special pieces and I’m over the moon. The details are amazing. The strokes of the colouring, the artwork of the orange monogram, the mice and dog interior.




The Catogram collection will be in store and online tomorrow (Friday 2 November). So I’ll have to check if I can get something else…


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A letter to my teenage girl

Hi Ada,

Today I turned 32. This year is different than any other years cause I now have a daughter. Yes! It’s you who came and completed my world. While I’m doing a full on mothering job and leaving my young life behind, there are lots of things I learned and I want to tell you my secrets while they are still fresh in mind.

1. Be yourself. You already are the most prefect girl.

I used to look at those perfect girls at school and thought to myself “I want to be like them”. But no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try to change yourself, you will never be someone else. You will still be you who copy someone else and appear trying to be like someone. What you can do is be the best version of yourself. Learn from them, don’t change but adjust. Experiment yourself. Find things that suit you and do things that good for your life.

2. Teenage time is valuable, teenage drama isn’t.

When you are a teenager, it feels like a circle of your friends is the whole world. Yes it is your whole world for 10 years at most (12 – 22 years old and you start your career life.) Don’t let dramas consume your soul. Still be nice but be tough too. If there’s anything upset you, walk away from it. Don’t ever think you won’t have any friends. This time is too valuable to waste. Spend it with friends who value you to create memories. But you know if there’s anything happens, I’ll be here cuddling you all night.

3. Don’t care for boys just yet. They don’t know what they want.

At this age you probably going to meet a boy who you think is a prince charming and you will marry him and live happily ever after and all of a sudden he doesn’t seem to want to see you anymore. Or a boy who seems to like you, tells his friends he likes you, his friends tell your friends he likes you, you like him back and he dumps you. Yeah, that happens! Boys don’t know what they want at this age. Wait until they start their career and know what they want, they will come after you later. Make friends but don’t waste your time with just a single boy thinking you would be together forever. It will save yourself heartaches and you can enjoy more time with other friends. Although if anything happens, I’ll still be here and cuddle you all night again.

4. Free time is precious.

When I was a teen I had so much free time just to go in town and hang around all day. As an adult, there’s no such thing as free time. There’s no half term at work and holidays cost thousands of pounds. When you still have it, use it wisely. Do hobbies, learn skills, hang out with good friends.

5. Don’t fall out with mummy. I’m your best friend.

I promise I’ll do my best not to be annoying and controlling. If you don’t want to do what I said, I’ll just let you live and learn. But sometimes I might say something that you don’t want to hear, it just because I can’t afford to see you take a wrong path. I want to be your best friend. We will go shopping together, go out for meals together, go on holidays together. I’ll take you to the club for the first time. We will share our clothes and shoes. I’ll even let you use my bags if you look after them.

6. Don’t fall out with your brother. He’s your other best friend.

Your brother loves you since day 2 you were born cause that’s the first time he saw you. He still wants to cuddle you, shows you to all his friends, drops you off at nursery. He’s so proud to be your brother. I’m sure 15 years onwards he still doesn’t change. If he says anything mean or looks as if he’s annoyed at you, it’s probably because he’s going through his teenage dramas too. Don’t take it seriously or think he doesn’t love you. Apart from mummy and daddy, he is the one who loves you more than anything in the world.

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